“SO CLOSE, SO FAR” analyzes the changes provoked by technology especially concerning the knowledge construction and information distribution, particularly visual information. Within this project, the piece “Let´s be honest” has been made.



The artwork consists of an object and a video. The object is a helmet with a built-in led sign hypothetically capable of reading the thoughts of the carrier. The video collects the experiences of several subjects with the helmet, as a metaphorical portrait of their thoughts.



The artwork “Let’s be honest” has been selected for the collective exhibition EAC 2014.

  • EAC. XIV International Meeting of Contemporary Art. Museum of the University of Alacant. MUA. Alicante. Spain. From the first of July to the 26th of July, 2014.

It has also been awarded with its acquisition at this event.

  • Art at Casa Bardin. Exhibition Awards 2014 EAC. Casa Bardin. Alicante. Spain. From the 16th of September to the 14th of November, 2014.



“Lest’s be honest”, 2014 from La Mutua Artística on Vimeo.

Stills from the version of the video for being exhibit in a TV monitor, 6′ 46” length.