Bank of art projects

Working rules

The art proposals of the Mutual Society of Arts forms a bank of art projects included in this web site.

The bank can be used in the following ways:

  1. The Mutual Society offers freely its proposals to those artists who want to realize them under the only conditions of being mentioned as a collaborating entity and the piece of art, once made, be documented or linked in the Mutual Society’s web site.
  2. Interested people or institutions can order the Mutual Society of Arts to realize one of the proposals.
  3. The Mutual Society will propose other artists working on projects that will be made jointly and whose authorship will be shared by all participants.

Lines of action

  • “Art is art” criticizes the process of trivializing meaning in contemporary discourse and how this process affects the evaluation and legitimation criteria of artworks.
  • “They come for us” focuses on detection and critique of the mechanisms of social control and the deterioration of personal relationship and social coexistence.
  • “So close, so far” analyzes the changes provoked by technology especially concerning the knowledge construction and information distribution, particularly visual information.